About Protein & Calories

Why We Started

Protein & Calories was born from our founder’s straightforward idea: make it easier for people in the UK to find food that fits their protein and calorie goals. We realised that while there’s a wealth of nutritional information available, it’s often scattered, hard to understand, or not tailored to what’s actually on the shelves in the UK. Our mission is to bridge this gap.

What We Do

We provide an objective aggregation of nutritional data, focusing on protein and calorie content in a wide range of food products. Our website features comprehensive and easy-to-use tables, showcasing all of the products that are available in the UK for food groups. These tables offer various metrics around protein and calories content based on the the actual portion sizes available in the UK. This approach helps you find products that conveniently fit into your diet to meet your macro goals. We pride ourselves on including almost every available option for each product type, creating a unique resource where you can compare all available products in a category.

Our Unique Approach

Unlike standard nutritional resources, we prioritise practicality. We understand that just because a product is high in protein per 100g doesn’t always mean it’s the most convenient or suitable option for your diet. That’s why we emphasise real portion sizes and offer a variety of metrics as sorting options – so you can easily find higher protein or lower calorie alternatives to the foods you already enjoy, facilitating straightforward swaps in your existing diet. We’ve done the maths for you! We are also open to community input, adding products to our database based on reader suggestions, ensuring our resource is as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible.

Periodic Updates

We are committed to keeping our content current. Each category is periodically manually reviewed and updated to ensure it includes the latest products and reflects up-to-date nutritional information. This commitment to regular updates guarantees that our users always have access to the most recent and relevant data.

Our Goal

Protein & Calories aims to be your one-stop resource for optimising protein and calorie intake. Our target audience is anyone tracking their protein and calorie intake who wants to easily find products that match their goals, without the complexity of catering to specific diets.

Future Aspirations

Our initial focus is on aggregating the nutrition data of product categories where protein content is relevant. Once this is achieved, we plan to expand into other categories where calories are a key factor, but protein may not be. Our aim is to keep it simple yet comprehensive, ensuring everyone can make informed choices about their food based on reliable and accessible information. We also intend to include on-the-go food groups, not just cook-at-home products and ingredients.