Data on protein and calories in all bagels available in the UK

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To find the highest protein and lowest calorie bagels in the UK, I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon for any bagels by independent companies that are not stocked in supermarkets yet. I added the protein and calorie content of all available bagels in the table below.

Types of bagels I included

I included all the bagels that I found except a few fresh bagels on Amazon which didn’t provide their macros.

The table calculates the following metrics:

  • Protein per serving* “Prot. (Serv.)”
  • Protein per 100g “Prot. (100g)”
  • Protein per 100kcal “Prot. (100kcal)”
  • Calories per serving* “kcal (Serv.)”
  • Calories per 100g “kcal (100g)”
  • Calories per 10g protein “kcal (10g Prot.)”

*Serving size is one bagel.

Find your macro match!

You can sort the table by the metric you care about most in ascending (lowest first) or descending (highest first) order by clicking the column headings.

If you want to quickly see the top picks for each metric, along with my thoughts and suggestions, check out my analysis of the highest protein and lowest calorie bagels in the UK.

Table of all bagels available in the UK

Product NameProt. (Serv.)Prot. (100g)Prot. (100kcal)kcal (Serv.)kcal (100g)kcal (10g Prot.)Found via...
Amazon Keto Bagels Seeded Low Carb Protein Bagels23.9331.9011.6020627586
M&S (via Ocado) High Protein Plain Bagels14.9617.606.90217255145
Tesco 4 Protein Thin Bagels8.5214.205.36159265187
Amazon Chefs Low Carb Freshly Baked Bagels x 413.0013.003.42380380292
Tesco York Bakery Soft Seeded Bagel Thins 4 Pack5.6312.504.21134297238
Tesco York Bakery Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thins 4 Pack5.4512.104.60118263217
Aldi Bakery Plain Bagel Thins 6 Pack/6 Pack5.4012.004.44122270225
M&S (via Ocado) 5 Sesame Sourdough Bagels10.3511.504.17248276240
M&S (via Ocado) 5 Multigrain Sourdough Bagels9.0411.304.22214268237
M&S (via Ocado) 5 Plain Sourdough Bagels9.3511.004.18224263239
Waitrose Multiseed & Cereal Bagel Slims5.2811.004.07130270245
ASDA BAKERY at ASDA 6 Bagel Thins4.9511.003.94126279254
Waitrose Multiseed & Cereal Bagels9.2710.904.07228268246
Sainsbury's Family Bakery Deli Style Poppy Seed Bagels x5 425g9.2710.904.04230270248
Tesco York Bakery Wholemeal Bagels 5 Pack9.6310.704.25227252236
Tesco York Bakery Red Onion & Chive Bagels 5 Pack9.5410.604.09233259244
Tesco 5 Pack Bagels Plain8.4810.604.09207259244
Morrisons Plain Bagels8.4810.604.09207259244
Tesco Thin 4 Sliced Bagels 21 Seeds & Grains6.2510.603.96158268253
Sainsbury's 21 Seed Thin Bagels x46.2510.603.96158268253
Tesco York Bakery Bagel Thins The Original 4 Pack4.7310.503.76126279266
Tesco Soft & Sliced Sesame Bagels 5 Pack8.3210.403.88214268258
Sainsbury's Family Bakery Deli Style Sourdough Bagels Pre-Sliced x5 425g8.5910.103.65235277274
Tesco 5 Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels8.0810.103.81212265262
Iceland York Bakery Co. 5 The Original Bagels Fresher for Longer 425g8.5010.003.79224264264
Aldi Bakery Original Bagels 425g/5 Pack8.5010.003.57238280280
Tesco Thin Bagels Plain 6 Pack5.0010.003.89129257257
Tesco York Bakery Plain Bagels 5 Pack8.429.903.84219258261
Tesco York Bakery Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels 5 Pack8.429.903.69228268271
ASDA York Bakery Co 5 Limited Edition Cookies N'Cream Bagels8.249.703.49236278287
Tesco Thin Bagels Cinnamon & Raisin 6 Pack4.859.703.69132263271
ASDA BAKERY at ASDA 5 Plain Bagels7.919.303.51225265285
Sainsbury's's Plain Bagel x57.829.203.52222261284
Tesco York Bakery Sesame Bagels 5 Pack7.749.103.37230270297
Waitrose York Bakery Co sesame bagels7.749.103.37230270297
Tesco Pierre 4 Brioche Soft Bagels Pre-Sliced6.688.902.71247329370
Tesco York Bakery Gluten Free Plain Bagels 4 Pack2.523.501.45174241689

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All data is derived from the nutrition information sections or product nutrition label photos on the retailer’s product pages, with sources linked in the ‘Found via…’ column of the data table. Our metrics are calculated from the macro values per 100g as provided by the original sources.

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