Data on protein and calories in all chicken kyivs (a.k.a. kievs) available in the UK

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To find the highest protein and lowest calorie chicken kyivs in the UK, I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon for chicken kyivs by independent companies that are not stocked in supermarkets yet. I added the protein and calorie content of all available chicken kyivs in the table below.

Types of chicken kyivs I included

  • Chicken kyivs of any flavour, as long as they were made from chicken.

I didn’t include; other meats/vegan, “Kyiv bites” or “mini kyivs”.

The table calculates the following metrics:

  • Protein per serving* “Prot. (Serv.)”
  • Protein per 100g “Prot. (100g)”
  • Protein per 100kcal “Prot. (100kcal)”
  • Calories per serving* “kcal (Serv.)”
  • Calories per 100g “kcal (100g)”
  • Calories per 10g protein “kcal (10g Prot.)”

*Serving size is one kyiv.

Find your macro match!

You can sort the table by the metric you care about most in ascending (lowest first) or descending (highest first) order by clicking the column headings.

If you want to quickly see the top picks for each metric, along with my thoughts and suggestions, check out my analysis of the highest protein and lowest calorie chicken kyivs in the UK.

Table of all chicken kyivs available in the UK

Product NameProt. (Serv.)Prot. (100g)Prot. (100kcal)kcal (Serv.)kcal (100g)kcal (10g Prot.)Found via...
Iceland Luxury 2 Hunter's Chicken Kievs 410g33.0817.5010.5431416695
Morrisons Cook It Chicken Kyiv 28.9619.7010.00290197100
Waitrose 2 Chicken Kyivs With Ham And Cheese29.0319.109.14318209109
Tesco Bigham's Chicken Kyiv 335G29.3917.608.89331198113
Ocado Park Ultimate Garlic Kievs33.5617.908.65388207116
Sainsbury's's Fresh British Chicken Breast Fillet garlic Kyiv x2 390g38.2119.808.65442229116
ASDA Extra Special 2 Wild Garlic British Chicken Kievs34.0119.008.60396221116
Aldi Selected Sourdough Breaded Wild Garlic & Jersey Butter Chicken Kievs 375g/2 Pack33.2519.008.60387221116
M&S (via Ocado) Gastropub Chicken Kyiv for One39.8317.707.76513228129
Waitrose To Cook Chicken Kyiv With Garlic Butter30.6117.907.72397232130
Waitrose Parmigiano Reggiano & Truffle Chicken Kyiv44.1017.507.61580230131
Waitrose 2 Frozen Garlic Chicken Kyivs26.6417.307.42359233135
Sainsbury's's Fresh British Chicken Breaded Kyiv, Taste the Difference 470g38.4217.007.33524232136
Waitrose 2 Chicken Kyivs With Garlic And Parsley Butter27.3017.507.26376241138
Tesco Garlic Breaded Chicken Fillet Kievs 2 Pack 375G29.5416.507.24408228138
ASDA Free From 2 Chicken Kievs21.7818.007.11306253141
Sainsbury's Wild Garlic British Chicken Breast Kyiv with West Country Butter & Sourdough Crumb, Taste the Difference x2 385g31.2716.907.04444240142
ASDA by ASDA Chicken Kiev with Wild Garlic Butter 365g29.5817.006.91428246145
Iceland Whole Chicken Breast Garlic and Herb Kievs 320g24.4816.006.84358234146
Iceland 4 Cheese & Ham Chicken Breast Kievs 500g17.2614.506.78255214148
Iceland Luxury 2 Double Butter Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 420g30.7315.606.67461234150
M&S (via Ocado) 2 Chicken Kyivs25.2815.806.48390244154
Tesco Finest Roasted Garlic Chicken Kiev With Salted Butter 385G28.3616.306.47438252155
Tesco 2 Cheese & Bacon Chicken Kiev 260G17.2014.106.35271222157
Morrisons Ham & Cheese Kyivs16.7014.406.26267230160
Aldi Cheese & Ham Chicken Kievs 260g/2 Pack17.3614.006.17281227162
Aldi Cheese & Ham Chicken Kievs 500g/4 Pack16.9414.006.09278230164
Tesco 4 Cheese & Bacon Breaded Chicken Kievs 500G15.2212.905.92257218169
Aldi Hunters Chicken Kievs 260g/2 Pack17.0814.005.86292239171
Iceland 2 Hoisin Chicken Breast Kievs 250g14.2811.905.78247206173
Sainsbury's's Cheese & Ham Fresh British Chicken Breaded Kyiv x2 260g14.1312.505.71247219175
Waitrose 2 Garlic And Herb Chicken Kyivs17.2515.005.70302263175
Morrisons 2 Cheese & Ham Chicken Kyivs19.3714.905.50352271182
Morrisons 2 Breaded Garlic Chicken Kyivs17.8814.905.42330275185
Morrisons 4 Breaded Garlic Chicken Kyivs17.8814.905.42330275185
ASDA Creamy 2 Cheese & Bacon Chicken Kievs17.0814.005.30322264189
Sainsbury's Eye Cheese & Ham Chicken Kievs x2 204g12.8412.005.26244228190
Waitrose 2 Frozen Garlic Chicken Kyivs18.9014.005.20363269192
M&S (via Ocado) British 2 Garlic Chicken Kievs17.2412.105.19332233193
Aldi Cheese & Ham Chicken Kievs In Breadcrumbs 500g/4 Pack13.4412.005.04267238198
Sainsbury's's Free From Garlic Chicken Kyivs x2 260g16.7613.205.04333262198
M&S (via Ocado) 2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs Frozen16.7311.705.02333233199
Sainsbury's's Chicken Garlic Kyiv x4 490g15.2314.104.95308285202
Aldi Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 500g/4 Pack15.7313.004.87323267205
Iceland Premier Ham & Cheese Chicken Kievs 4 x 125g (500g)15.2113.004.83315269207
Morrisons 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 15.9713.204.78334276209
Iceland 4 Garlic & Herb Butter Chicken Breast Kievs 500g15.0012.504.77314262210
Tesco Food Co. 2 Garlic Chicken Kievs 260G16.1013.204.66345283214
Tesco Eye Garlic And Herb Chicken Kievs11.7711.004.55259242220
Tesco Food Co 4 Garlic Chicken Kievs 500G13.9211.704.30324272232
Tesco 2 Breaded Garlic Chicken Kievs 270G16.0012.504.30372291233
Aldi Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs In Breadcrumbs 500g/4 Pack13.4412.004.29314280233
Ocado 2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kyivs15.6012.004.24368283236
Tesco 4 Garlic Butter Breaded Chicken Kievs 500G12.4011.704.22294277237
Tesco Free From Garlic Chicken Kievs 260G13.8111.704.21328278238
Sainsbury's Street Co. British Chicken Kyivs with Garlic Butter x2 240g13.9113.004.10339317244
Sainsbury's's Fresh British Chicken Breaded Kyiv With garlic & Herb Butter x2 260g13.0011.504.09318281244
ASDA ESSENTIALS by ASDA 2 Chicken Kievs13.4211.004.04332272247
ASDA 2 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs14.6412.004.04362297248
Sainsbury's Street Co. Frozen Breaded British Chicken Kyiv x4 500g12.9510.703.92330273255
Aldi Garlic & Herb Chicken Kievs 260g/2 Pack15.0012.003.91384307256
Iceland Premier Garlic Chicken Kievs 4 x 125g (500g)12.6511.003.90324282256

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All data is derived from the nutrition information sections or product nutrition label photos on the retailer’s product pages, with sources linked in the ‘Found via…’ column of the data table. Our metrics are calculated from the macro values per 100g as provided by the original sources.

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