Data on protein and calories in all hot dogs available in the UK

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To find the highest protein and lowest calorie hot dogs in the UK, I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon for any hot dogs by independent companies that are not stocked in supermarkets yet. I added the protein and calorie content of all available hot dogs in the table below.

Types of hot dogs I included

  • Hot dogs (frankfurters) that come in tins, jars or microwavable packets.
  • Any kind of meat hot dog; pork, chicken, turkey.

I didn’t include; mini hot dogs and “gourmet” hot dogs that can’t be cooked in hot water or microwaved (they’re basically regular sausages), vegetarian/vegan/meat-free hot dogs.

The table calculates the following metrics:

  • Protein per serving* “Prot. (Serv.)”
  • Protein per 100g “Prot. (100g)”
  • Protein per 100kcal “Prot. (100kcal)”
  • Calories per serving* “kcal (Serv.)”
  • Calories per 100g “kcal (100g)”
  • Calories per 10g protein “kcal (10g Prot.)”

*Serving size is one hot dog.

Find your macro match!

You can sort the table by the metric you care about most in ascending (lowest first) or descending (highest first) order by clicking the column headings.

If you want to quickly see the top picks for each metric, along with my thoughts and suggestions, check out my analysis of the highest protein and lowest calorie hot dogs in the UK.

Table of all hot dogs available in the UK

Product NameProt. (Serv.)Prot. (100g)Prot. (100kcal)kcal (Serv.)kcal (100g)kcal (10g Prot.)Found via...
Tesco 8 Hot Dogs 1030G11.7013.006.22188209161
Iceland Luxury 6 Ultimate Hot Dogs 420g11.1315.906.63168240151
Tesco's Famous Big Dogs 1030G10.8012.005.19208231193
Sainsbury's 4 Classic Hot Dogs 280g10.5015.005.03209298199
Tesco Jumbo Frankfuter Hot Dogs 4 Pack 360G10.3511.504.34239265230
Tesco Frankfurter Style Sausage 480G9.6012.004.69205256213
Sainsbury's's Famous Little Franks Beechwood Smoked Pork Hot Dogs x8 550g8.4012.005.19162231193
ASDA Chicken Berlinki Hot Dogs8.0016.008.4295190119
Ocado Naked Frankfurters7.0215.607.6592204131
Tesco Berlinki Hot Dog With Cheese 250G7.0014.006.14114228163
Morrisons (via Amazon) Berlinki Bacon Hotdogs7.0014.005.13137273195
Morrisons (via Amazon) Delicatete Hot Dogs6.9311.005.26132209190
Tesco Berlinki Classic Hot Dog 250G6.5013.005.78113225173
ASDA Hot Dog6.5013.005.60116232178
ASDA Halal Chicken Frankfurters6.5013.005.22125249192
ASDA Chicken Hotdogs6.0511.004.56133241219
ASDA Olde Oak 6 Peri Peri Hot Dogs In Brine (chicken)6.0012.007.8976152127
Tesco Bavarian Frankfurters 200g6.0012.003.93153305254
Tesco 8 Hot Dogs 550G5.8513.006.2294209161
Sainsbury's Olde Oak US Style Hot Dogs Jar x8 525g (360g*)5.8513.005.26111247190
Morrisons (via Amazon) Diner Hot Dogs5.7213.006.8484190146
Sainsbury's Olde Oak Jumbo Hot Dogs 560g (300g*)5.5011.006.1590179163
Tesco's Little Franks 8 Smoked Pork Hot Dogs 550G5.4012.005.19104231193
Tesco Chicken Frankfurter Hot Dogs 10 Pack 350G5.3915.407.5172205133
Morrisons (via Amazon) Spicy Hotdogs 5.2013.006.2583208160
Sainsbury's Hot Dogs x5 380g5.2013.006.2284209161
Tesco 5 Hot Dogs 200G5.2013.006.2284209161
ASDA 10 Frankfurters4.9014.005.1396273195
Waitrose Classics 4 Frankfurters4.9014.005.0797276197
Waitrose Classics 10 Frankfurter4.9014.005.0797276197
ASDA Frankfurters4.8012.005.4888219183
ASDA Hot Dogs with Veal4.8012.005.0695237198
ASDA Pork Hot Dogs4.6813.004.59102283218
ASDA Olde Oak Premium Hot Dogs in Brine4.5612.006.6369181151
Sainsbury's Hot Dog with Chilli 350g (turkey)4.5513.005.9477219168
Aldi Deli Classic Frankfurters 350g/10 Pack4.5513.004.8993266205
Morrisons (via Amazon) German Frankfurters4.4812.804.46100287224
Sainsbury'sński Ham Frankfurters 2x110g4.3212.004.6294260217
Tesco Original Frankfurter Classics 4S 140G4.3112.304.7191261212
Sainsbury's Frankfurter Hot Dogs x10 350g4.3112.304.7191261212
Tesco Classic Frankfurter Hot Dogs 10 Pack 350G4.3112.304.7191261212
Tesco Poultry Frankfurter Hot 330G4.2913.005.3181245188
Tesco Frankfurters 350G4.2014.004.7189297212
Sainsbury's Classic Hot Dog 350g (turkey)4.2012.005.5376217181
Sainsbury's Olde Oak US Style Hot Dogs x6 400g (200g*)3.9612.007.4153162135
Iceland 6 Hot Dogs 345g3.9013.006.2263209161
Tesco Halal Chicken Frankfurters 10S 340G3.7411.006.8854160145
ASDA Chicken Fillet Frankfurters 2 x 90g (180g)2.9313.005.3754242186
Aldi Olde Oak Classic Hot Dogs In Brine 2.5311.006.5139169154
Tesco 8 Hot Dogs In Brine 400G2.5311.006.4040172156

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All data is derived from the nutrition information sections or product nutrition label photos on the retailer’s product pages, with sources linked in the ‘Found via…’ column of the data table. Our metrics are calculated from the macro values per 100g as provided by the original sources.

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