Data on protein and calories in all microwave rice available in the UK

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To find the highest protein and lowest calorie microwave rice in the UK, I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon for any microwave rice by independent companies that are not stocked in supermarkets yet. I added the protein and calorie content of all available microwave rice in the table below.

Types of microwave rice I included

  • Any microwave rice pouch where rice is the primary ingredient.
  • “Veetee” style microwave rice trays.

I didn’t include; chilled rice, frozen rice, frozen steam bags, pouches/trays of other grains, any rice that requires adding water, or any rice that wasn’t microwaveable.

The table calculates the following metrics:

  • Protein per serving* “Prot. (Serv.)”
  • Protein per 100g “Prot. (100g)”
  • Protein per 100kcal “Prot. (100kcal)”
  • Calories per serving* “kcal (Serv.)”
  • Calories per 100g “kcal (100g)”
  • Calories per 10g protein “kcal (10g Prot.)”

*Serving size is half a packet (110g to 150g)

Find your macro match!

You can sort the table by the metric you care about most in ascending (lowest first) or descending (highest first) order by clicking the column headings.

If you want to quickly see the top picks for each metric, along with my thoughts and suggestions, check out my analysis of the highest protein and lowest calorie microwave rice in the UK.

Table of all microwave rice available in the UK

Product NameProt. (Serv.)Prot. (100g)Prot. (100kcal)kcal (Serv.)kcal (100g)kcal (10g Prot.)Found via...
Ocado Scotti Microwave Venere Wholegrain Black Rice4.954.302.09237206479
Tesco Microwave Katsu Curry Jasmine Rice 250G3.632.901.53236189652
Aldi Grains Spanish Style Grains Wholegrain Rice 250g5.254.202.27231185440
Aldi Foods Long Grain Rice 300g4.052.701.75231154570
ASDA Gourmet Glorious Grains with Red Rice & Quinoa Cooked 250g6.885.503.02228182331
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Spicy Mexican 250g4.753.802.09228182479
Tesco Japanese Togarashi Spicy Sticky Rice 280g4.483.202.01223159497
Morrisons (via Amazon) Thai Jasmine Micro Rice 3.883.101.74223178574
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Egg Fried 250g4.883.902.20221177454
Amazon's Original Smokey BBQ Microwave Rice 250g4.633.702.10220176476
Tesco Jasmine Fragrant Rice 250G4.003.201.83219175547
Aldi Foods Special Wholegrain, Wild & Red Rice 250g5.634.502.59218174387
Ocado Rice Chipotle recipe5.504.402.53218174395
Tesco Microwave Sticky Medium Grain Rice 250G3.883.101.78218174561
ASDA Wholegrain Micro Rice5.134.102.38215172420
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Brown 250g4.133.301.93214171518
ASDA Sweet & Sour Micro Rice4.253.402.00213170500
Ocado Gourmet Mango, Chilli & Lime Wholegrain & White Microwave Rice3.252.601.53213170654
Aldi Foods Classic Wholegrain Rice 250g5.504.402.60211169384
Amazon's Original Wholegrain Mediterranean Vegetable Microwave Rice 250g5.254.202.49211169402
Aldi Foods Special Coconut Rice 250g4.383.502.08210168480
ASDA Jasmine Micro Rice4.003.201.90210168525
Aldi Foods Classic Pilau Rice 250g3.883.101.85210168542
ASDA Gourmet Smoky Spanish-Style Grains & Rice6.004.802.87209167348
Ocado Rice Provencal Herb Recipe5.384.302.57209167388
Tesco Harvest Microwave Wholegrain Rice 250G4.633.702.22209167451
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Mushroom 250g4.383.502.10209167477
Amazon's Original Tomato And Basil Microwave Rice 250g4.633.702.23208166449
Tesco Kenji Microwaveable Sushi Rice 250G3.883.101.87208166535
Ocado Sun Microwavable Jollof Rice
Tesco Microwave Jasmine Rice 250G4.133.302.00206165500
ASDA Chip Shop Curry Micro Rice4.883.902.38205164421
ASDA Piri Piri Micro Rice3.883.101.89205164529
ASDA Chicken & Sweetcorn Flavour Micro Rice4.503.602.21204163453
Waitrose Egg Fried Rice4.503.602.22203162450
ASDA Coconut Basmati Rice4.253.402.10203162476
Tesco Coconut Steamed Basmati Rice 250G4.253.402.10203162476
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Thai 250g4.003.201.98203162506
Sainsbury's's Original Jasmine Microwave Rice 220g4.624.202.28202184438
ASDA Thai Jasmin 2 Portions4.062.902.01202144497
Aldi Foods East Asian Style Korean BBQ Rice 250g4.003.201.99201161503
Waitrose Golden Vegetable Rice4.003.202.00200160500
Waitrose Coconut, Lime & Coriander Rice3.883.101.94200160516
Amazon's Original Spicy Mexican Wholegrain Rice, 250g5.004.002.52199159398
Ocado Rice Pure Basmati4.633.702.33199159430
ASDA Sticky Rice 2 Portions2.992.301.51198152661
Amazon's Original Mushroom Rice, 250g4.253.402.15198158465
Waitrose Mexican Style Rice5.134.102.61196157383
Amazon BEN'S Microwave Mexican Style Rice 250G4.253.402.17196157462
Morrisons (via Amazon) Pilau Micro Rice4.253.402.17196157462
Aldi Foods Special Peri Peri Rice 250g4.133.302.10196157476
Ocado Gourmet Wholegrain Brown, Red & Wild Microwave Rice 3.753.001.91196157523
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Golden Vegetable 250g3.632.901.85196157541
Aldi Foods Steamed Basmati Rice 280g3.782.701.93196140519
Tesco's Original Smokey BBQ Microwave Rice 220g4.183.802.13196178468
Amazon's Original Egg Fried Rice Wholegrain, 250g5.304.242.72195156368
Aldi Foods Wholegrain Rice & Quinoa 250g5.004.002.56195156390
Amazon's Original Egg Fried Microwave Rice 250g4.883.902.50195156400
ASDA Thai Lime & Herb Rice4.253.402.18195156459
Ocado Heat and Eat Basmati Microwave Rice Tray4.483.202.30195139434
Tesco Microwave Pilau Rice 250G3.753.001.94194155517
Morrisons (via Amazon) Microwave Rice Medley5.064.602.61194176383
Ocado Heat and Eat Pilau Rice Tray
Tesco Microwave Wholegrain Rice 250G4.883.902.53193154395
Amazon's Original Wholegrain Microwave Rice, 250g4.633.702.40193154416
ASDA Egg Fried Micro Rice4.633.702.40193154416
Tesco Wholegrain Spicy Mexican Inspired Rice 250G5.134.102.68191153373
Waitrose Pilau Rice4.133.302.16191153464
Ocado Gourmet SunBlush Tomato & Basil Wholegrain & White Microwave Rice3.753.001.96191153510
M&S (via Ocado) Microwave Long Grain Rice3.502.801.83191153546
Aldi Asian Style Sticky Rib Rice 250g4.753.802.50190152400
Amazon Basmati Rice 250g4.503.602.37190152422
Amazon's Original Basmati Microwave Rice Pouch 250g 4.383.502.30190152434
Tesco Chicken & Sweetcorn Flavour Microwave Rice 250G4.383.502.30190152434
ASDA Basmati Micro Rice4.003.202.11190152475
ASDA Pilau Micro Rice3.753.001.97190152507
ASDA Chilli & Lemongrass Basmati Microwave Rice3.002.401.58190152633
Tesco Coconut Chilli & L/Grass Basmati Rice 250G3.002.401.58190152633
Tesco Harvest Microwave Pilau Rice 250Ml4.253.402.25189151444
Aldi Special Golden Vegetable Rice 250g3.753.001.99189151503
Amazon Wholegrain Rice and Quinoa, 220g3.523.201.87188171534
Waitrose Wholegrain Mexican Style Rice5.504.402.93188150341
Aldi Foods Special Lime & Coriander Rice 250g4.753.802.53188150395
M&S (via Ocado) Microwave Basmati Rice 4.503.602.40188150417
Tesco Mexican Inspired Rice 250G4.133.302.20188150455
Waitrose Wholegrain Rice4.133.302.20188150455
Amazon's Original Long Grain and Wild Microwave Rice 250g4.003.202.13188150469
Amazon Mexican Micro Rice 250g4.003.202.15186149466
Aldi Foods Mexican Style Rice 250g3.002.401.61186149621
Ocado Microwave White & Brown Basmati Rice5.004.002.70185148370
Tesco Microwave Golden Vegetable Rice 250G4.633.702.50185148400
ASDA Mexican Style Micro Rice4.383.502.36185148423
Morrisons (via Amazon) Mexican Micro Rice4.383.502.36185148423
ASDA Long Grain Micro Rice3.883.102.09185148477
Morrisons (via Amazon) Long Grain Micro Rice3.883.102.09185148477
Aldi Foods Special Savoury Chicken Rice 250g4.133.302.24184147445
Ocado Golden Vegetable Microwave Rice 3.883.102.11184147474
Morrisons (via Amazon) Golden Vegetable Rice3.632.901.97184147507
Ocado Gourmet Coconut & Lime Wholegrain & White Microwave Rice3.132.501.70184147588
ASDA's Original Spicy Chilli Microwave Rice3.743.402.04184167491
Tesco's Original Cajun Spiced Microwave Rice 220G3.743.402.04184167491
Tesco's Original Pilau Microwave Rice 220g3.743.402.04184167491
Tesco's Original Tomato Basil Microwave Rice 220G4.073.702.23183166449
Tesco's Original Thai Sweet Chilli Microwave Rice 220G3.853.502.11183166474
Sainsbury's's Original Peri Peri Microwave Rice 220g3.523.201.93183166519
Aldi Foods Louisiana Style Dirty Rice 250g5.634.503.08183146324
Tesco Mexican Arroz Rojo Rice 250g4.753.802.60183146384
ASDA Golden Veg Micro Rice4.383.502.40183146417
Aldi Foods Steamed Pilau Rice 280g3.782.702.08182130481
Tesco Heat & Eat Long Grain Rice Pot 2X130g3.382.601.86182140538
Tesco Egg Rice 250G4.883.902.69181145372
Tesco Super 6 Golden Vegetable Rice Medley 250G4.753.802.62181145382
Ocado Long Grain Microwave Rice 3.502.801.93181145518
Amazon coconut chili & lemon grass rice in 2 minutes, 250g3.382.701.86181145537
Aldi Foods Indian Style Naga Naga Rice 250g5.004.002.78180144360
Aldi Classic Egg Fried Rice 250g4.133.302.29180144436
Aldi Classic Long Grain Rice 250g3.382.701.88180144533
Tesco's Original Classic Wholegrain Rice 220G4.073.702.27179163441
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Basmati 250g3.753.002.10179143477
Tesco Pure Steamed Basmati Rice Classic 250G3.632.902.03179143493
Waitrose Long Grain Rice3.252.601.82179143550
Tesco's Original Chinese Style Microwave Rice 220G3.633.302.04178162491
Tesco's Original Chinese Style Microwave Rice 220G3.633.302.04178162491
ASDA's Original Onion Bhaji Microwave Rice3.633.302.05177161488
Ocado Basmati Microwave Rice4.003.202.27176141441
Morrisons (via Amazon) Egg Fried Micro Rice3.632.902.06176141486
Tesco's Original Spicy Mexican Microwave Rice 220G4.183.802.39175159418
Sainsbury's Spicy Wholegrain Microwave Rice 240g4.443.702.55174145392
Tesco's Original Wholegrain Spicy Mexican Rice 220G4.514.102.59174158385
Waitrose Basmati Rice3.753.002.16174139463
Sainsbury's's Original Caribbean Microwave Rice 220g3.743.402.17173157462
Tesco's Original Mushroom Microwave Rice 220G3.633.302.10173157476
Tesco Heat & Eat Pilau Rice Pots 2X125g3.753.002.17173138460
Tesco's Original Special Fried Microwave Rice 220g4.624.202.69172156371
Tesco's Original Egg Fried Microwave Rice 220g4.073.702.37172156422
Amazon Microwave Rice Medley 220g3.523.202.05172156488
Tesco's Original Korean Bbq Rice 220G3.303.001.92172156520
Morrisons (via Amazon) Basmati Micro Rice4.003.202.34171137428
Tesco Harvest Microwave Long Grain Rice 250G3.502.802.04171137489
Tesco Lemon And Herb Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.252.601.90171137527
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Brown Basmati 250g4.003.202.35170136425
Sainsbury's Microwave Rice Egg Fried 250g4.003.202.35170136425
Tesco Microwave Long Grain Rice 250G3.132.501.84170136544
Tesco's Original Mexican Style Microwave Rice 220G3.743.402.21169154453
Ocado Gourmet Jamaican-Style Grains & Pulses4.883.902.89169135346
Tesco Brown And Wild Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.883.102.30169135435
Aldi Foods Special Mixed Pepper Rice 250g3.502.802.07169135482
Sainsbury's's Microwave Rice Long Grain White 250g3.502.802.07169135482
Aldi Foods Classic Basmati Rice 250g3.252.601.93169135519
Morrisons (via Amazon) Microwave Wholegrain Rice Quinoa Tom/Basil4.073.702.42168153414
Tesco's Original Savoury Chicken Microwave Rice 220G3.743.402.22168153450
Tesco Harvest Microwave Basmati Rice 250G4.253.402.54168134394
Tesco Microwave Basmati Rice 250G4.133.302.46168134406
Tesco's Original Roasted Garlic Microwave Rice 220g3.413.102.04167152490
Tesco Brown Basmati & Quinoa Steamed Rice 250G3.632.902.18166133459
Tesco Lime And Coriander Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.132.501.88166133532
Tesco's Original Golden Vegetable Microwave Rice 220G3.523.202.12166151472
Sainsbury's Herbed Wholegrain Microwave Rice 240g4.323.602.61166138383
Waitrose Brown Basmati Rice4.003.202.42165132413
Sainsbury's Microwave Rice Premium USA Long Grain 250g3.502.802.12165132471
Tesco's Original Mixed Pepper Microwave Rice 220g3.303.002.01164149497
Amazon's Original One Pan Creations, Szechuan Fried Rice, 250g4.253.402.60164131385
Tesco Microwave Golden Vegetable Rice 250G3.382.702.06164131485
Tesco Peri Peri Basmati Rice 250G3.132.501.92163130520
Amazon Super Grains Sweet Potato, Chilli and Coconut Rice, 220 g3.303.002.04162147490
Tesco's Original Katsu Curry Microwave Rice 220G3.303.002.04162147490
Tesco Caribbean Rice & Peas Steamed Basmati 250G4.003.202.48161129403
ASDA Masala Rice 250g3.883.102.40161129416
Tesco Heat & Eat Basmati Rice Pot 2 X 125G3.632.902.25161129445
Sainsbury's Microwave Rice Wholegrain Basmati 250g3.502.802.17161129461
Tesco Brown Steamed Basmati Rice Classic 250G3.502.802.17161129461
Tesco Pilau Steamed Basmati Rice Classic 250G3.502.802.19160128457
Tesco Chilli And Lime Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.252.602.03160128492
Amazon Sweet Chilli & Lime Basmati Rice, 250g3.002.401.88160128533
ASDA Cajun Jambalaya Rice 250g3.382.702.14158126467
Amazon Steamed Lime and Coriander Basmati Rice 250g3.252.602.06158126485
Morrisons (via Amazon) Microwave Whole Grain Rice & Quinoa 4.293.902.73157143367
Tesco's Original Basmati Microwave Rice 220g3.413.102.18156142458
Tesco Firecracker Basmati Rice 250G3.382.702.18155124459
Tesco Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Basmati Rice 250G2.632.101.71154123586
Tesco Spicy Mexican Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.382.702.23151121448
Tesco Mushroom Steamed Basmati Rice 250G3.632.902.42150120414
Tesco's Original Long Grain Microwave Rice 220g2.972.702.01147134496
Tesco Microwave Indonesian Fried Rice 250G2.752.201.98139111505

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