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Highest Protein and Lowest Calorie Bagels in the UK

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I’m pretty new to the world of bagels. They were just never really on my radar up until a couple of years ago. I found Warburton’s protein bagels when browsing the “protein” products on the Tesco delivery app, and I’ve since been hooked. But I hadn’t looked at what else is out there.

So have I been buying the optimal bagels for my macro and calorie goals? To answer this question, I checked the protein and calorie content of all the bagels available to buy in the UK.

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Key takeaways

  • There are no “low calorie” bagels, only smaller “thin” bagels.
  • Replacing one plain bagel with two ‘thin’ protein bagels can increase your intake of protein and fibre.
  • Gluten-free bagels are relatively low-calorie but contain very little protein.
  • The highest protein bagels are primarily marketed as “Low-carb” (keto), not “high protein”
  • Some keto bagels are very high in fat and, therefore, high in calories.

Why trust my picks?

My top-picks are 100% based on the nutritional data published by the retailer or manufacturers. They do not take into account subjective factors, such as taste, and don’t account for price. They are never influenced by any commissions or advertising deals. I will only make subjective comments about products I’ve had real experience with, and these opinions are not factored into the rankings. See the publishing principles page for more info.

Finding the bagels

To find the highest protein and lowest calorie bagels in the UK I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon to find any bagels by independent companies that aren’t stocked in supermarkets yet.

I used this data to create a table of every bagel that’s available in the UK with columns for highest protein per portion, highest protein per 100g, lowest calories per portion, lowest calories per 100g, and I calculated two metrics you won’t find on the packaging; highest protein per 100kcal and lowest calories per 10g protein.

Types of bagels I included

I included all the bagels that I found except a few fresh bagels on Amazon which didn’t provide their macros.

Highest protein bagels (per 100kcal)

If you’re looking for bagels with the highest protein content per 100kcal, in other words “high-protein, low-calorie bagels” for those counting calories and trying to get the most protein for your daily calorie allowance, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (100kcal)Stockists
1Heylo Keto Low Carb Seeded Bagels11.60gAmazon, Heylo
2M&S High Protein Plain Bagels6.90gM&S (via Ocado)
3Warburton Protein Thin Bagels5.36gTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Amazon
4New York Bakery Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thins4.60gTesco, ASDA, Waitrose
5Village Bakery Plain Bagel Thins4.44gAldi
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels3.84gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per 100kcal bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

Heylo Keto Bagels offer 3x more protein per 100kcal than standard plain bagels. That’s a jump from 8g protein to 24g protein, 16g more of protein per bagel.

That’s the equivalent of adding 4 large egg whites to your plate!

Image credit: @ketoandlowcarb_kate

Highest protein bagels (per bagel)

If you’re looking for bagels with the highest protein content per serving (per one bagel), regardless of calories, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (Serv.)Stockists
1Heylo Keto Low-Carb Seeded Bagels22.93gAmazon, Heylo
2M&S High Protein Plain Bagels14.96gM&S (via Ocado)
3Keto Chefs Low Carb Freshly Baked Bagels13gAmazon, Keto Chefs
4M&S Sesame Sourdough Bagels10.35gM&S (via Ocado)
5New York Bakery Wholemeal Bagels9.63gTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels8.42gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per serving bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

If you swapped your daily bagel from New York Bakery Plain Bagel to M&S High Protein Bagel, you’d bump your daily protein up by 7g per day without adding any calories.

Over a week that’s 49g extra protein in your diet, that’s the equivalent protein of an 8oz rump steak or 2.5 tins of baked beans!

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Highest protein bagels (per 100g)

If you’re looking for bagels with the highest protein content per hundred grams, regardless of portion size, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (100g)Stockists
1Heylo Keto Low-Carb Seeded Bagels31.90gAmazon, Heylo
2M&S High Protein Plain Bagels17.60gM&S (via Ocado)
3Warburton Protein Thin Bagels14.20gTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Amazon
4Keto Chefs Low Carb Freshly Baked Bagels13gAmazon, Keto Chefs
5New York Bakery Soft Seeded Bagel Thins12.50gTesco, Amazon, ASDA, Morrisons
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels9.90gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per 100g bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

A New York Bakery plain bagel and a Warburton protein bagel both contain 8.5g of protein per bagel…

…but the Warburton bagel contains 60 fewer calories. You could add a small banana to your meal for that. Or, add the 60kcal to your deficit, the equivalent of what you’d burn on a 15-minute walk.

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Lowest calorie bagels (per bagel)

These bagels have the lowest calories per serving (per one bagel). Ideal if you’ve already met your protein goal already and want the lowest-calorie option (be mindful of the sizes though).

#Namekcal (serv.)Stockists
1New York Bakery Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thins118kcalTesco, ASDA, Waitrose,
2Village Bakery Plain Bagel Thins122kcalAldi
3New York Bakery Original Bagel Thins126kcalTesco, ASDA, Waitrose
4The BAKERY at ASDA Bagel Thins126kcalASDA
5Warburtons Thin Bagels Plain129kcalTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels219kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

You could switch your plain bagel for the New York Bakery Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thin and save around 100kcal – that’s the equivalent of a Wikinger hot dog or what you’d burn running up stairs for 5 mins.

Image credit: @losing_with_lucyg

Lowest calorie bagels (per 100g)

To put the various sizes of bagels on a level playing field and give the larger bagels a chance, here are the lowest calorie bagels per 100g.

#Namekcal (100g)Stockists
1New York Bakery Gluten Free Plain Bagels 241kcalTesco, ASDA, Morrisons, Waitrose
2New York Bakery Wholemeal Bagels252kcalTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Waitrose
3M&S High Protein Plain Bagels255kcal M&S (via Ocado)
4Warburtons Thin Bagels Plain257kcal Tesco
5New York Bakery Plain Bagels258kcal Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrisons
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels258kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie per 100g bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

With the exception of a few high-fat outliers, most bagels fall between 240kcal and 280kcal per 100g weight. It’s a very narrow range.

So, if you’re looking to add more volume to your plates without adding calories, switching bagels won’t make any considerable difference unless you currently indulge in something like the St Pierre Brioche bagels, which are high in fat and sugar, making them contain an extra 90kcal per 100g.

Image credit: @wefoundvegan

Lowest calorie bagels (per 10g protein)

These are the bagels that allow you to add 10g of protein to your meal for the fewest calories (this doesn’t account for portion size).

#Namekcal (10g prot.)Stockists
1Heylo Keto Low-Carb Seeded Bagels86kcalAmazon, Heylo
2M&S High Protein Plain Bagels145kcalM&S (via Ocado)
3Warburton Protein Thin Bagels187kcalTesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Amazon
4New York Bakery Wholemeal & Rye Bagel Thins217kcalTesco, ASDA, Waitrose
5Village Bakery Plain Bagel Thins225kcalAldi
[Benchmark] New York Bakery Plain Bagels261kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie per 10g bagels in the full data table.

In perspective

To get 10g of protein, you would have to eat around 175 calories more of plain bagels than you would of Heylo Keto bagels.

That’s the equivalent calories to 1.5 Curly Wurlys or 40 minutes of brisk walking!

Image credit: @grayeatz

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Found a product that I’ve missed? Please let me know by leaving a comment, sending a message via the contact page, or DM on Instagram.

You can enjoy practically any bagel in moderation, though whole-grain bagels provide more satiating fiber and protein. That said, bagels can be high in sodium, so make sure you’re mindful of the other sources of sodium in your diet when you eat them. Be mindful of portion sizes, since bagels can be large. If you enjoy a bagel a day, the best thing you can do is pair them with foods containing protein or fat.

Gaby McPherson –

Just My Opinion

I was quite shocked to find the Heylo bagels had twice the protein of the Warburton protein bagels, which I already eat almost every day. I didn’t think there would be anything beating them by any significant amount. They were “the” protein bagels as far as I knew.

I thought I’d give the Heylo a pop until I saw the price. They’re £3.37 per bagel from Amazon, or £3.84 direct from Heylo when you factor in postage. Compare that to 44p for the Warbutons and it shows how extortionate that is. 16g protein extra per bagel is a lot, but I don’t think it’s worth that price.

The other glaring problem with that switch would be the drop in carbs. The 80g of carbs I get from my toasted protein bagels, topped with a banana and drizzled with honey, fuels my daily weight training. I need that.

The benefit of ” high-protein” alternatives, as far as I see it, is that they give you a little more protein without adding calories or taking anything away that you want. Replacing unwanted fat with protein seems like a no-brainer in most cases. But Keto products replace carbs with protein, which is not ideal for anyone on a “normal” diet.

The M&S protein bagels look fine, but their size is a bit awkward for me. They’re too small to have one and too big to have two (within my calorie goals). So, I’ll stick with the Warburton for now.

The good news is that most supermarket bagels have around the same calories per 100g, regardless of their makeup. So, if the Warburton protein bagels are out of stock, pretty much any other bagel will do as long as it’s not one of those pesky fatty, sugary (and delicious 😢) brioche. Swapping in a regular plain or wholemeal bagel in an emergency won’t affect daily calories; I would just take a little hit on protein.


The top picks above give you a shortcut to the items that best fit your protein and calorie goals. I do not recommend that you buy them without considering the other factors. Below are some examples of factors you may consider. And remember, if the top picks above aren’t a good fit for you, check out the full data table to see the other options I found that didn’t make the top 5.

Other Macros

While most bagels might offer similar calories per 100g, their nutritional makeup can vary significantly. Opting for bagels enriched with protein and fibre could be a healthier choice than those high in fats and sugars.


Some of the “keto” bagels come with a hefty price tag, some costing three or more times more than supermarket and household brands. Evaluate if the nutritional benefits justify the additional expense, especially when other foods can offer protein more cost-effectively.

Protein Sources

Although bagels contribute to your protein intake, they should not be the primary focus for this nutrient. Ensure you’ve explored all the traditional high-protein sources like meats, fish, tofu, beans, and dairy, which provide a more substantial protein boost than carbohydrate-centric options like bagels.


Low-calorie bagels mainly come by reducing size, so opting for “thin” bagels might save calories, but consider the effect that reduced volume will have on your hunger levels. Two “thin” protein and fibre-rich bagels could be more satisfying and nutritionally advantageous than one larger bagel rich in fat and sugar for the same calories.


Nutritional information for each top pick was taken from the retailer’s website.

All metrics on this page are calculated by us using data collected from retailer websites and compiled in my unique data table of all bagels available in the UK.

Protein and calorie amounts for other foods and exercises mentioned in the “In Perspective” and “Just My Opinion” sections were all obtained from Nutracheck. Please note that calorie equivalents for exercises vary depending on individual factors like sex and weight.

Images sources under each image, if not created by us.

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