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Highest Protein and Lowest Calorie Hot Dog Rolls in the UK

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In my last post, I researched the highest protein and lowest calorie frankfurters that the UK has to offer. So naturally, we need to find out which are the optimal hot dog rolls to complete the hot dog.

So what are the highest protein and lowest calorie hot dog rolls you can buy in the UK? To answer this question, I checked the protein and calorie content of all the hot dog rolls I could find.

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Key takeaways

  • Regular white hot dog rolls have the highest calories per 100kcal.
  • Brioche hot dog rolls have the highest protein per 100g, but are also high calorie.
  • White jumbo hot dog rolls will give you the most protein per serving.
  • Small white hot dog and finger rolls are the lowest calorie per serving.
  • Unlike other bread products in the UK, there are no “low calorie”, “low carb”, “high protein”, or even “wholemeal” hot dog rolls available.

Why trust my picks?

My top-picks are 100% based on the nutritional data published by the retailer or manufacturers. They do not take into account subjective factors, such as taste, and don’t account for price. They are never influenced by any commissions or advertising deals. I will only make subjective comments about products I’ve had real experience with, and these opinions are not factored into the rankings. See the publishing principles page for more info.

Finding the hot dog rolls

To find the highest protein and lowest calorie hot dog rolls in the UK I searched the websites of all of the most popular supermarkets in the UK that make their entire range accessible online. I also searched Amazon to find any hot dog rolls by independent companies that aren’t stocked in supermarkets yet.

I used this data to create a table of every hot dog rolls that’s available in the UK with columns for highest protein per portion, highest protein per 100g, lowest calories per portion, lowest calories per 100g, and I calculated two metrics you won’t find on the packaging; highest protein per 100kcal and lowest calories per 10g protein.

Types of hot dog rolls I included

Here are the types of hot dog rolls that I’ve included:

  • Anything sold as “Hot dog rolls” or “hot dog buns”
  • Any soft hot-dog-shaped “finger rolls” (plain only)

I didn’t include subs, baguettes (will do those separately), or any bread that wasn’t hot-dog-shaped.

Highest protein hot dog rolls (per 100kcal)

If you’re looking for hot dog rolls with the highest protein content per 100kcal, in other words “high-protein, low-calorie hot dog rolls” for those counting calories and trying to get the most protein for your daily calorie allowance, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (100kcal)Stockists
1Morris White Finger Rolls3.89gASDA
2Ocado Hot Dog Rolls3.85gOcado
3Sheldon’s Sliced Hot Dog Rolls3.84gSainsbury’s, Tesco
4Village Bakery Sliced White Hot Dog Rolls3.83gAldi
5Tesco White Finger Rolls3.73gTesco
5Tesco Large White Hot Dog Rolls3.73gTesco
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls3.40gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per 100kcal hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

Given that nobody offers “wholemeal”, “keto”, or “high protein” hot dog rolls, there is very little difference in the protein per 100kcal in any of the products available.

Even the “brioche” rolls, with their higher sugar content, only have around 1g protein per 100kcal less than the average plain white hot dog rolls.

The difference between the highest and least protein per 100kcal is 1.44g. That’s about how much protein is in 1/4 of an egg.

Image credit: @whatellecooks

Highest protein hot dog rolls (per serving)

If you’re looking for hot dog rolls with the highest protein content per serving (one roll), regardless of calories, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (Serv.)Stockists
1The BAKERY at ASDA Large Finger Rolls9.60gASDA
2Baker Street Classic Jumbo Hot Dog Rolls7.52gASDA, Iceland
3Tesco Large White Hot Dog Rolls7.04gTesco
4The BAKERY at ASDA Soft Finger Rolls6.82gASDA
5Sainsbury’s White Jumbo Hot Dog Rolls 6.30gSainsbury’s
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls4.84gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per serving hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

Switch from the ubiquitous Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls, to Asda’s The Bakery Large Hot Dog Rolls will boost your protein intake by 4.76g.

That’s the equivalent of drinking a cereal bowl’s worth of whole milk with each dog.

Image credit: @bryony_slimmingveggie

Highest protein hot dog rolls (per 100g)

If you’re looking for hot dog rolls with the highest protein content per hundred grams, regardless of portion size, here are the top picks. 

#NameProtein (100g)Stockists
1St Pierre Brioche Hot Dog Rolls11.50gSainsbury’s, Tesco,
ASDA, Morrisons
2Village Bakery Sliced White Hot Dog Rolls 10.00gAldi
3Ocado Hot Dog Rolls9.90gOcado
4Morris White Finger Rolls9.80gASDA
4Sheldon’s Sliced Hot Dog Rolls9.80gSainsbury’s, Tesco
4Sainsbury’s Brioche Hot Dog Rolls9.80gSainsbury’s
5The BAKERY at ASDA Soft Finger Rolls9.60gASDA
5The BAKERY at ASDA Large Finger Rolls9.60gASDA
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls8.80gTesco (& most others)
Find more high protein per 100g hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

St Pierre’s Brioche hot dog rolls contain an extra 3g of protein per 100g than your average white hot dog rolls. 3g protein is approximately what you get in a small-medium slice of wholemeal bread.

Image credit: @abitewithmary

Lowest calorie hot dog rolls (per serving)

These hot dog rolls have the lowest calories per serving (one roll). Ideal if you’ve already met your protein goal already and want the lowest-calorie option (be mindful of the sizes though).

#Namekcal (serv.)Stockists
1The Daily Bakery White Finger Rolls113kcalIceland
2The BAKERY at ASDA White Finger Rolls115kcalASDA
3Tesco White Finger Rolls118kcalTesco
4Essential White Finger Rolls128kcalWaitrose
5Iceland Sliced Hot Dog Rolls131kcalIceland
5Sainsbury’s Brioche Hot Dog Rolls131kcalSainsbury’s
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls142kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

Switching from Warbutons’ to Iceland’s hot dog rolls will save you around 30kcal per roll. That’s equivalent to what you’d burn on a 7-minute walk.

Image credit: @fiery_redhead_30

Lowest calorie hot dog rolls (per 100g)

To put the various sizes of hot dog rolls on a level playing field and give the larger hot dog rolls a chance, here are the lowest calorie hot dog rolls per 100g.

#Namekcal (100g)Stockists
1Celtic Bakers Sweet Potato Hot dog Rolls228kcalOcado
2Morrisons Finger Rolls235kcalMorrisons (via Amazon)
3Tesco White Finger Rolls236kcal Tesco
3Tesco Large White Hot Dog Rolls236kcal Tesco
4The Daily Bakery White Finger Rolls250kcal Iceland
4Hovis Premium Hot Dog Rolls250kcalASDA, Waitrose,
5Morris White Finger Rolls252kcalASDA
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls259kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie per 100g hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

The difference between Celtic Bakers Sweet Potato Hot Dog rolls (the fewest calories per 100g) and St. Pierre’s Brioche Hot Dog Buns (the highest calories per 100g) is 108kcals.

This means you can eat 1.5x the volume (50% more bun) for the same amount of calories.

Lowest calorie hot dog rolls (per 10g protein)

These are the hot dog rolls that allow you to add 10g of protein to your meal for the fewest calories (this doesn’t account for portion size).

#Namekcal (10g prot.)Stockists
1Morris White Finger Rolls257kcalASDA
2Ocado Hot Dog Rolls260kcalOcado
2Sheldon’s Sliced Hot Dog Rolls260kcalSainsbury’s, Tesco
3Village Bakery Sliced White Hot Dog Rolls261kcalAldi
4Tesco White Finger Rolls268kcalTesco
4Tesco Large White Hot Dog Rolls268kcalTesco
5The BAKERY at ASDA Soft Finger Rolls269kcalASDA
[Benchmark] Warburtons Hot Dog Rolls294kcalTesco (& most others)
Find more low-calorie per 10g hot dog rolls in the full data table.

In perspective

To get 10g of protein, you would have to eat around 40 calories more of Warburtons hot dog rolls than you would of Morris finger rolls.

That’s the equivalent calories you’d burn walking on a beach for 10 mins.

Image credit: @herbivore_hels

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Hotdog buns are often made with refined flour, which has been stripped of many of its nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Refined flour is also rapidly absorbed by the body, causing a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. This can lead to a spike in insulin levels which can contribute to the development of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other health issues.

…hotdog buns can provide some energy in the form of carbohydrates, but they are not a nutritionally dense food and are best consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

B-Fit Expert – Quora

Just My Opinion

I found it surprising that nobody has marketed a hot dog roll towards any particular diet. Most bread products in the UK now have a “keto” version and a “high protein” version. There’s not even a wholemeal hot dog roll available.

Maybe it’s a gap in the market, or maybe it has been tried and tested already, and people simply prefer the ultra-processed junk food experience whenever they indulge.

There’s no considerable difference in macros between most rolls you’ll find in the UK. So it’s good to know that the white hot dog rolls we find in any supermarket are probably relatively fine for macros. Just keep an eye on fat and sugar content. Brioche hot dog rolls are especially bad for those.

Next time I treat myself to a hot dog, I’ll grab some regular white rolls, and the biggest low-calorie, high-protein frankfurters that I can find.

I’m not a big fan of making hot dogs with baguettes; doesn’t provide a satisfying bread-to-dog ratio, in my opinion. It looks like there are many interesting varieties of baguettes and subs available, though, and I can use them for other meals, so watch this space for my research on those.


The top picks above give you a shortcut to the items that best fit your protein and calorie goals. I do not recommend that you buy them without considering the other factors. Below are some examples of factors you may consider. And remember, if the top picks above aren’t a good fit for you, check out the full data table to see the other options I found that didn’t make the top 5.

Other Macros

Given the variation in sugar and fat content across different types of hot dog rolls, it’s prudent to consider these macros in your selection. High sugar content, often found in brioche varieties, might offer a richer taste but could affect blood sugar levels. Conversely, higher fat content could enhance satiety but also increase the overall calorie count of your meal.

Protein Source

The protein content in hot dog rolls is relatively uniform across the board, with no “high protein” options available like you might find in other bread products within the UK. Consequently, the focus for adding protein should primarily be on selecting the most suitable type of frankfurter.


Most hot dog rolls, including white and brioche types, may be classified as ultra-processed foods (UPFs) due to their ingredients and production methods.


The range of hot dog rolls, from 45g finger rolls to 100g jumbo options, can influence not just portion control but also how satisfying each meal feels. Larger rolls may better accommodate extra fillings for a more balanced meal, while smaller ones could be a wise choice for lighter meals or for those closely monitoring their intake.


Nutritional information for each top pick was taken from the retailer’s website.

All metrics on this page are calculated by us using data collected from retailer websites and compiled in my unique data table of all hot dog rolls available in the UK.

Protein and calorie amounts for other foods and exercises mentioned in the “In Perspective” and “Just My Opinion” sections were all obtained from Nutracheck. Please note that calorie equivalents for exercises vary depending on individual factors like sex and weight.

Images sources under each image, if not created by us.

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